Clients Share Their Transformation Experiences


My facilitator Elaine held the door open so the wisdom and transformation  I needed came in even when I thought I already knew why I was there. I went to see Elaine about my six cats that were having territory wars and marking our home by spraying in our house. I thought it was some angry cats that needed balancing (by surrogation) but it was actually me!  I needed to do my own balancing of recognizing healthy boundaries!  When we change our patterns, the people (and cats!) around us change. We haven't had a "marking incident" since. Thank you Elaine and PSYCH-K! ~Jeannie A. Memphis

I've worked with Elaine for several sessions, and the results have been extraordinary.  In addition to her energetic and technical skill, her understanding and compassion are remarkable.  Though I'd never done a PSYCH-K session before, I immediately felt comfortable with her guidance, and noticed meaningful benefits after the first session, and every one thereafter.  I can't recommend Branden and PSYCH-K enough."  -- Sam M

I reached out to Elaine during a time that I felt very stuck in my thoughts and health and my traditional methods to move forward were simply not working.  She came highly recommended to me from multiple health practitioners whom I highly respect so I felt very encouraged to meet her. Within 5 minutes of meeting her I understood fully why she is so highly recommended! After my first session, I was honestly shocked and experienced how truly profound her work is.  It seemed so simple but it was exactly the catalyst I was needing to FINALLY push through these areas I felt stuck in my life. She is incredibly intuitive and guided me in the direction of work we needed in each session. Since working with her, I have experienced profound shifts in my life, behaviors, thoughts and health.  I am so thankful for her genuine, honest and evidence based approach and I will be referring many of my own clients to work with her and help them in their goals of transformation!  ~Michelle Edwards, Holistic Health and Wellbeing Counselor

Elaine, I just wanted to say thank you again. Absolutely remarkable. I finally got my heart back after 5 years. ~Taylor E.. Memphis, TN

My experience with Elaine was fascinating. With her aid, I was able to discover core limiting beliefs that were long-held since childhood. Ideas around unworthiness and life being a struggle. Using Psych-K, we not only worked to eradicate those beliefs but set up systems that, to this day, serve my growth and highest purpose! I highly recommend Psych-K for anyone who has done all the conscious work and still needs to dig into those layers of the subconscious to unearth where the real issues are! ~ Diana O. 

PSYCH-K is an amazing healing modality. Basically, with these tools, you and your facilitator (Elaine) change your life! She has a gift for this work like no other I have seen. She has the heart felt compassion to facilitate a clients healing. I’ll never forget how much she has helped me and continues to. One of the processes we did was called a Rapport Balance. I have noticed in my work as a Structural Integration Practitioner, I can now communicate more precisely with my clients and understand their communication style better too! ~ Lucia C. Structural Integration Practitioner

I am writing to share with you the remarkable and immediate change I have undergone in being introduced to the PSYCH-K process. Over the last couple of weeks my family and I have suffered a couple of hardships. During these times I always know exactly what to do. I called Elaine, Psych-k Facilitator and Reiki Master.  She has been my mentor in receiving my Reiki Master and my confidant when life tries to send me a beating.   I have taught and used my Reiki experience to clear, enlighten, and soften my life, and the lives of many others but this time I was so filled with not only an overwhelming, emotional gut wrenching, consuming loss in my mind that I truly did not know how I could possibly find my light again. To the point of wanting my Mommy. I lost her years ago. Yes -a 61 year old wanting and missing her Mommy kind of pain. Elaine led me through a basic Psych-K process with patience and support. I must tell you it was simply remarkable. She could see the transformation in my face. I could feel the transformation. I left with an overwhelming feeling of joy, instead of the pain I entered with. She provided  tools to take with me that I use everyday along with my Reiki to continue to take charge of my life! What an uplifting experience. If you are going through the darkness life can sometime present, even if you are in a good place I believe working with Elaine and Psych-K can benefit you. I am so ever grateful for this experience. It has opened my eyes again to ME. I must say I am quite marvelous!  ~ Be Grateful, Be Blessed. Dinah T.