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Imagine being able to evolve your emotional, physical, and spiritual well being to a new place in which your dreams are realized. To experience real and lasting change in your life, beliefs must be transformed at the subconscious level. 95% of your thoughts are governed by the SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

PSYCH-K® is an interactive process that transforms subconscious beliefs rooted in the energetic field that limit you from the fullest expression of your greatness. Limiting subconscious beliefs create limits in every area of your life such as stress, health challenges, anxiety, relationship struggles. With your facilitator as the guide, together you navigate simple processes that allow you to communicate with your subconscious mind to create new supportive beliefs.  

 These processes instill empowering and supportive beliefs that create new energetic pathways in your relationships, your self-esteem, your physical health, your work life, in any area where you desire change. Often, the new beliefs become evident in your life immediately. 

Beyond transforming limiting beliefs, PSYCH-K can assist you as you design the life you desire, and beyond that the process can support you in realizing your full potential as you connect deeply with Your Innersource, your north star, you internal compass. If you can imagine it, you can create it as a reality in your life.

Through PSYCH-K, your outer world becomes a beautiful reflection of your inner world as these new empowering subconscious beliefs become the foundation of your life. This new congruence awakens your awareness and potential and supports your alignment with your Path and Purpose.


More about Psych-K®

Your Passion and Purpose

Why is it that so many people feel that life is a struggle or feel that they are not where they want to be...or SHOULD be?

What if you were able to tap into your deepest knowing that you are supported and that you can have the life of your dreams?  

Your InnerSource is the internal guidance system that points you in the direction of your true path, your heart's desire, your voice that guides you on your unique path to fulfilling your life purpose. 

Through various tools, you and I collaborate in realizing your Vision by tapping into your InnerSource.  Through InnerSource work with PSYCH-K as the compass, you will fall in love with your path, embrace the beauty of your life and learn to live with passion and with purpose. Your InnerSource is located in Memphis, Tennessee ~ I provide in person and Skype sessions.

About Me

PSYCH-K is empowering and transformative

PSYCH-K is an interactive "do with" process between you and I in which you identify areas in your life that you want to experience differently.  The process is simple and focuses on what you want to create or experience in your life, rather than requiring a need to repeat old story lines.  

PSYCH-K is like a treasure hunt that you and I experience together~ you provide the clues from within your insight and intuition,  I provide the flashlight and together we follow the subconscious mind's map~ we walk the path of your self discovery. The beauty of PSYCH-K is that you lead the process and are empowered with each session to step into your new way of being. 

Are YOU worth the investment? PSYCH-K can show you the way to YOU!

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Rob Williams on PSYCH-K

What is a PSYCH-K balance? Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K explains

Rob Williams explains how PSYCH-K is a blend of science and spirituality and the dual nature of our brain.

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 When you rewrite the software of your mind, you change the printout of your life… and the world!

 - Robert Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®