PSYCH-K®~ Align with your Potential

A client locks "locks in" the new supportive subconscious belief.

change your beliefs, change your life!

Do you ever feel that you know what you want but no matter how hard you try, the results you get do not reflect the outcomes you had intended?  This is an example of an internal conflict between your conscious goals and your subconscious beliefs. 

Your subconscious beliefs create the limits of what you can achieve. In fact,  neuroscientific research has determined that 95% of our behavior is shaped by our subconscious mind and only 5% by our conscious mind.  Dieting frequently, yet always putting the weight back on, patterns in relationships that are unresolved even after attempts to do something different, feeling that as hard as you try to be a better employee, friend, teacher, you always believe you aren’t good enough or smart enough - these are examples of conscious actions and subconscious beliefs being out of synch. 

Limiting subconscious beliefs create negative results that manifest in ways such as stress, health challenges, anxiety, relationship struggles, feeling unfulfilled in life and work. 

Through various change processes or, balances, PSYCH-K creates a receptive, Whole-Brain State that dramatically reduces resistance to change in the subconscious mind. The approach is simple, powerful and very effective. A session focuses on what you are moving toward, rather than what you are moving away from. There is a subtle and powerful difference between "moving toward" and "moving away from" that enhances the experience of ownership and empowerment.  To learn more about neuroscience research and the Whole-Brain State, click here

The process is a “do with” approach led by you while I facilitate the simple, effective balances. You are awake and conscious throughout the entire change process - this is not hypnosis or talk therapy. In PSYCH-K, you do not need to recall or recount painful memories. PSYCH-K isn’t a technique done on or to someone, which makes it empowering and unique. 

As you install new empowering and supportive beliefs during a session, you create new foundations in your relationships, your self-esteem, your physical health, your work life, in any area where you desire change. Often, the new beliefs become evident in your life immediately. 

Beyond transforming limiting beliefs, PSYCH-K supports you in designing the life you desire, and beyond that, the process supports you in realizing your full potential as you begin to trust and listen to your intuition. If you can imagine it, you can create it as a reality in your life. 

Through PSYCH-K, the outer world becomes a beautiful reflection of the inner world as new empowering subconscious beliefs become the foundation of your life. This new congruence awakens your awareness and potential and supports your alignment with your Path and Purpose.

Learn PSYCH-K and Transform Your Life


The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop provides a highly interactive setting to learn about the many change process PSYCH-K tools and how to facilitate sessions with others as well as use the change processes for yourself to shift limiting beliefs. 

This is the foundational workshop for all other PSYCH-K® workshops and provides all of the basic tools to begin using PSYCH-K® for yourself and others. You will learn how to communicate with the subconscious mind and how to effectively use the muscle testing protocol with the various change processes. This three day workshop is hands on and experiential and provides many opportunities to practice PSYCH-K® with other participants. 

You will leave the weekend renewed and with tools to create new beliefs that support you in relationships, transform beliefs around wellness and prosperity, grief and loss, and for increasing your confidence and personal power. The workshop is transformative, fun and brings people from many backgrounds and lifestyles together with a common goal- to learn PSYCH-K and begin creating lasting transformations into their lives. 

For information about upcoming workshops, click the link below.

PSYCH-K and The Principles of Nature

The 11 principles of Nature, featured in PSYCH-K, inspire us to live in harmony with Nature, one another, and our world. This video pairs beautiful imagery with these inspiring principles. In the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop you will learn how to tap into the Wisdom of Nature in order to create sustainable inner peace and happiness in your life!  These principles can be applied to successful and fulfilling personal and business relationships to create the results you desire.