Transformation Sessions


The core of InnerSource work begins with identifying the areas in your life in which you want to experience more congruence, productivity, balance, and freedom. Basically, anything you want to create more of and move towards in your life, we can develop an action plan to achieve the results you desire. Each session is a unique experience in which you are empowered to lead the process with your choices while I provide various tools we use to create the lasting change you seek.  

Each session is tailored to meet your needs. One session may create profound changes or you may want to have several sessions, as beliefs shift and layers are revealed, leading to deeper levels of change and new self awareness. In this work, we are addressing the subconscious mind- this is THE foundation upon which all beliefs and life patterns are built. When beliefs change at the subconscious level,  the core foundation changes. The results are amazing!

We begin with a complimentary discovery call to discuss your goals and the modalities and services I offer. Together, we determine what best fits your goals and desired outcomes. I offer individual sessions and transformation packages. 

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A PSYCH-K balance is a collaborative experience between the facilitator (me) and the client (you).

A PSYCH-K balance is a collaborative experience between the facilitator (me) and the client (you). 

Modalities Offered

A student practices with me during a workshop.

A session or package may focus on one modality or a combination of the offerings listed here.


PSYCH-K is a set of processes that focus directly on shifting subconscious beliefs that may be creating limits in your personal and professional life. Within the subconscious lies those guiding beliefs and principles that govern your life direction. Many of our beliefs were created as a reaction to a circumstance or event and thus imprinted into the subconscious a specific way of seeing the word that may be limiting or outdated.  Consciously, a person may know what they want, however, 95% of our responses come from the subconscious level.  Installing supportive subconscious beliefs aligns you to your personal truth and inspires a more meaningful life. My purpose is to assist clients in accessing their internal compass and intuition in order to create the results they desire. 

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Intuition Development and Meditation Mentoring

Learning to tap into your Inner Wisdom is fun and easy. Meditation is a simple and profound practice that promotes relaxation, focus, and peace. Learn techniques you can use anywhere, anytime for relaxation, stress relief, and improved focus and well-being. Meditation mentoring can be combined with any other sessions or as a stand alone experience.


This ancient energy modality promotes deep relaxation and supports mental, physical and emotional healing. I trained in Traditional Usui Reiki through the Master level from 1997 to 2005. Clients often alternate PSYCH-K sessions with Reiki sessions to promote deep relaxation and to support the subtle shifts they are experiencing in their environment.  A session includes intention setting, meditation, and grounding.

Shamanic Transformation Sessions

In a shamanic journey, the journeyer experiences a natural state of expanded consciousness or awareness in order to receive answers to their inquiries. During the journey, the journeyer retains control and volition and accesses information beyond his or her normal knowledge. Journeying can assist the client regain personal power, make inquiries and develop their own intuition, and request assistance for healing on many levels from their spirit helpers.  A typical session begins with a short meditation, a journey, post journey writing or drawing, discussion of information revealed and a grounding meditation. Often the information revealed can be used in subsequent PSYCH-K sessions to shift limiting beliefs at the subconscious level.

Animal Communication ~ PSYCH-K and Reiki

I work energetically with animals both face to face and remotely to promote health and well being.  Please contact me to discuss your animal companion's circumstances and we will create a healing plan for you and your animal companion. 

Reiki Training

Since 2005, I have offered Traditional Usui Reiki mentorship with Level 1, 2, and Master Level workshops to small groups. Contact me if you would like to learn Reiki.

Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about PSYCH-K®

Dr. Bruce Lipton, international speaker, stem cell biologist, and author of the best seller, The Biology of Belief, shares his passion for PSYCH-K®.