PER-K® for Entrepreneurs and Businesses


  • Are you an entrepreneur in the process of developing a business model? 
  • Do you want to identify and put into action your mission, vision, and long term business plan?
  • Are you wanting to expand your target market and find clarity on how to proceed?
  • Are you wanting to launch a new marketing plan or new employee engagement program?

I assist entrepreneurs, business owners, anyone  who is willing to identify and change their limiting beliefs in any area of their professional and personal life and then take responsibility for the action steps required to create the change consciously!

Look at your life and work — what are you experiencing now and what would you prefer to experience instead?  More efficient processes? Happier employees? Less hours on the clock with more profit? More vacation time for you and your employees? A family life with more freedom and joy? A new, improved business strategy?

The PER-K processes assist you to achieve your business goals. Using these simple effective processes, we work together to shift unproductive patterns to allow for enhanced and expanded full action potential to emerge. The results? More freedom, time, abundance, health, profits - whatever is desired as the outcome. This work creates permanent changes rapidly and addresses belief patterns at the subconscious level. The subconscious mind runs 95% of our attitudes, beliefs, and decision making processes, so people are really only in true empowered choice and decision making 5% of the time. 

Through focused sessions designed to identify core beliefs, attitudes, and values, perceived roadblocks are transformed and a new template for success is created. When we access and create a new mindset for success, goals become attainable. With PER-K, you immediately begin to focus energy and resources more effectively, produce results, and create a foundation for sustainable success.

To get started, contact me to schedule a 30 minute complimentary discovery call to discuss your objectives and determine which package will best suit your business needs.

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